Michelli Knauer is a traveling food stylist and culinary producer working in editorial, television, commercial print, and video.



Each job is uniquely different and requires a vast range of techniques to display food in still photography and moving images. 

Food styling is a rehearsed choreography that relies on understanding how food reacts to oxygen, heat and acidity. 

I control how long it lives, how fast it moves, as well as how melty, runny, bubbly, crispy, or hot and cold the food looks.

It's a collaborative process to work side by side with creative directors, DP's, photographers and producers. 

The challenge is to deliver a previously created fantasy, while giving new life to the storyboard.  The results are composed food moments shown at their perfect point of representation. 

The intent has to not only be recognizable to the viewer, but the footage has to seduce and must stir up emotions. I like to think of food itself as the muse which is captured through the camera lenses.